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rodney jones hip lines audio examples


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so i caught that thread on the rodney jones instructional book and purchased it. i am not a jazz guy so its always good for me to hear these lines in audio form. i bought a joe diorio book years ago (intervallic designs) lost it over the years and recently re purchased it with audio examples this time. very cool for me to hear these lines being played.
i was thinking ,because the interest in the recent thread that it would be cool if we could contribute audio examples of maybe your favorite lines from the book.
i can start out with the first 3 lines from the book. no articulations or swing feel here . i just played notes as written best as i could..


I've had this book in my cart since the last thread. I just don't know that I have the time to put in. If I had known about it this time last year...


I want to thank everyone in the prior thread too!!! I felt flush even at the end of the month and bought it. It is a refreshing take on lines and arps that feel familiar to me, but with a lot of fingerings and variations I had not considered. I've been doing a lot of intensive chordal work in the online classes I'm taking with Peter Mazza, so these lines are a great change of pace.

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