Roland Cube (CM-30) ideas


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So I'm pondering some flexible monitoring ideas, and wanted to see if I have missed anything.

The need:

Relatively FRFR speakers for live performance near-field monitoring (guitar only) that can double as studio monitors.

I've used the Roland CM-30 live before, and loved it. Near to my head, I could be hurting my own ears before others complained about the volume, which is a real boon when you need a quiet stage, and the only alternative is a gigantic Behringer wedge.

The question is, can a pair of these be effective as studio monitors. Bear in mind, I am no pro, in a bad listening room and creating music purely for self-enjoyment right now.

As I also play and record bass from time to time, and I know the bass limitations of this unit. Is there a smallish sub that can be paired to this?

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