Roland gp100 is it good foe effects in loop?


Thinking of getting one for the time based effects in the loop of my amp. Wondering if delays and reverb are good on it.


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I think they are good and very useable . I can only compare them to other digital MFX boxes as I only had one boss pedal to compare it to.

However, if you are only using it for the purpose of delay and reverb, you may want to look at at a zoom CDR which is much less expensive and the size of one stomp.

Currently I have both, but I am using my boss gt100 two ways, either putting my mustang three in the loop of the gt100 for the amp and cab models, or using the GT100 as a complete stand alone unit.

I have not used my zoom in a long time, but that's only because of the above scenario(s)

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