Sold Roland Space Echo: Needs Repair (Direct Signal But No Delay/Reverb) $300 + 50 Shipping


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$300 PayPal + $50 shipping. CONUS Only.

I have a Roland Space Echo 201 for sale. So here's the deal, please read close as the unit is offered As/Is with zero guarantee:

The Space Echo powers on and lights up. The tape reel moves the tape through all the rollers/heads/capistans. The clean signal passes through. However there is no delay or reverb. The Mic and Instrument inputs work as does the Output (obviously as the clean signal passes through). But again no delay or reverb is heard. The pots are scratchy and may need replaced or just contact cleaner. Again it's about 40 years old and I don't know if it's ever even been serviced.

Now the fix could be as simple as some TLC and a few replacement parts or it might need an overhaul. That's the rub. You could drop as little as $100 in parts and for $450 have a nice vintage Space Echo. Or you could spend $500 for a rebuild. You'll still have a Space Echo for about $850. Or you could use it for parts.

My asking price seems to be about on par for what broken units, even completely non-functioning ones go for. I have no doubts someone could get this up an running and end up with a great deal. I just don't have the time, money or interest for it ATM.

Again the unit will be sold As/Is with no guarantee on it working. I will make a video showing the condition and demonstrating that the signal passes through, the tape feeds etc, but the unit does not pass delay or reverb signal through. Just PM and I can send the video over to you.

I will post Pics later today when I get some time.

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