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Roland space echo Re-201 Demo video


Plugged into the Space echo today. Fender Strat-> Xotic BB preamp -> Roland Space Echo -> Fender Deluxe reverb.
Tried to play some Terje Rypdal.
My friend has my old re-501 and got it fix, he changed the tape and had the pivot that directs the tape all cleaned up.
Usually there is residue that sticks to those pivots (rubber).
So once clean, and tightened everything it is UNBELIEVABLE.
Better tnah any pedal, boutique stuff on the market.
There is no lost in sound at all.Just pure sound, well to my ear and from my friend too.

Nice demo and like your sound.

I might get the Roland pedal space echo if I can't get my hand on a tape echo....

mad dog

Silver Supporting Member
Lovely stuff Roffe. I just got an RE-201 myself. Needs new/better tape, so I'll take it somewhere and get it setup right. There's something magic in this box. Puts me in the oddest moods musically.


wow cool sounds dude!!
well i didn't know Terje Rypdal, but seems to be an interessting player!!!
Does he have some good cd's ??

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