Sold Roland SPD One - Electro Percussion Pad - *REDUCED* $140 Shipped

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    Electro is still available, but the Kick sold on Reverb.

    These are also posted for sale at Reverb, so if you're interested send me a DM here, don't wait.

    These are excellent durable electronic percussion pads, pre-loaded with 11 percussion sounds and 11 variations Roland 808 and 909 percussion sounds (Electro) and acoustic and electronic bass drum samples as well as other percussion sounds (Kick), as well as a setting for a user-loaded .wav file. Roland has simple tutorial videos on YouTube for how to load a custom sound (this pad still has the factory-loaded sound). This can be played with hands, sticks, mallets or feet (I’ve used this hand-only). It has adjustable threshold and sensitivity settings (I currently have them set for playing using light touch hands only). The onboard effects include tuning, delay and reverb (Electro) and tuning, reverb and distortion (Kick). Mounting hardware is included (see the video). The ¼” mono outputs include a line out, and headphone jack. It can be operated with 4 AA batteries or a standard Boss 9 V center-negative regulated power supply (not included). I’ve been using either batteries or a Boss-complaint Voodoo Lab power supply. Play as a stand-alone piece of electronic percussion or supplement your acoustic kit. It connects directly to an amp or mixer into your amplified set-up.

    I’m selling these, because I have moved to Roland’s larger Octapad SPD-30 for my more extensive live percussion needs.

    This units are in as-new condition, used very gently in my studio, and all original packaging and hardware are present.

    The cost includes Paypal 3% and US Priority Mail postage to a verified lower 48 CONUS address. If I choose to sell outside the CONUS then actual shipping costs are added to the price. No trades please, and thanks for having a look.

    Electro - Sold on Reverb.
    REDUCED TO $140 shipped (Orig $149)


    Kick - $149 shipped (SOLD ON REVERB)


    Demo video

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