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room for another suhr modern?


im just here looking for a little justification on buying anothe modern. i already have an alder hss classic and i have a fixed bridge basswood/maple modern hh on the way. i recently found a killer deal on a mahogany/maple modern in hsh configuration with a blower switch and floating trem.

what would you do in my position? i would use the moderns much more than the classic. do i sell the classic to fund the second modern hoping that coil splitting will get me close enough (not a vintage guy at all but how can you pass up a $1200 suhr)? just keep them all even though it means my jp6 will never get played (cant sell due to sentimental reasons)? or just be financially responsible and not buy the mahogany modern?

thanks guys


I'd probably do it, if I were you. Just based on what you said in this statement, "i would use the moderns much more than the classic." Well, sounds like the classic needs to go anyways. No big deal in having two Moderns...I've got two myself. I've had as many as four at one time. Plus, you have a unique situation, where you actually have a fixed bridge Modern (which is pretty rare) and you'd probably like to have the option of having a Modern with a floating trem. Here are the reasons I keep two Moderns: First off, I love them. Second, they both have different woods/pickups for a different tonality. Third, I keep one of the them in standard tuning, while the other in Eb...which is convenient.

So, based on what you said, go right ahead and get another Modern! But, just be sure you'll be happy with all of the specs before you commit. Or, if you're able to get it for a good enough price, roll the dice anyways!

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