Rose Mariposa Strat Pickups


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Hey guys, I just wanted to give a shout out to these guys. I just bought a set of these to try in my SX Strat copy that I use for knocking around with and I've got to say they sound pretty dang nice. Alnico V oversized rods and very nicely made in a matched set with a RWRP middle pickup. Very sweet sounding and the have a really cool growl when you dig in to them, almost P90 'ish. Very cool pickups and all for about $35 shipped. I am definitely going to buy another set to have around. I think I like these more than the Bill Lawrence Keystones I had before and those pickups are pretty nice too. Rock on!

Elias Graves

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I know Ken. He's a great guy. The imports he sells are amazing for the money. He does reasonably priced handwounds, too, that are really nice.
Plus, he just donated a set of buckers to me for a charity giveaway guitar for a lady with multiple sclerosis. She used to play but has sold off all her gear for financial issues. Her physical therapist recommended she start playing again as therapy. A bunch of us chipped in parts to build one for her. Ken donated the pickups.


Rock Johnson

I just got the pups yesterday, and put them in my strat copy today. I'll put new strings on tomorrow and really give it a go.

I'll post a review within a few days.

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