Rough recording.... Have question about signal chain

Which amplified signal chain sounds best?

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Sorry about the playing. Haven't done much recording. Below are three different signal chains amplified k&k mini. My ears are playing tricks on me. Which one sounds best. Probably need to dime volume......haven't done much recording. Of the best, what I should work on improving on amplified tone. Thinking I need a new pre and to take my time when doing this type of thing..... ;)




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I only made one pass, but for me, the last one had some of the 'presence'* that the others lacked.

- the first two both felt as if there was a blanket between my ears and the guitar.
- the last one, while much clearer, also carried quite a bit of pick-noise which I wasn't expecting from a contact-type mic.

I do think you should experiment with recording at higher levels. Recording so quiet doesn't leave much room for dynamics, and acoustics can be just as dynamic as any electric. I mean, you don't want to saturate the level (unless that's what you're going for) but you don't want to under-drive either.

Does the k&k have it's own pre-amp, or are you going 'straight-to-board or ?

What kind of system (aside from the k&k) are you using?
Don't worry about the gear-snobs here...they pick on pedals in this forum.

*ooooooh, there's that word again...maybe this needs a Klon


Lately I've been wondering if I should replace my preamp. So I recorded my chain. You would have launched watching me run around adjusting gain and what not with guitar on.

I don't want to sway the feedback, but I'll tell you the three all flat at mixer: Red-Eye preamp, Hilton Volume pedal and Red-Eye+Empress Para EQ+Empress compressor. The last one with all the parts is the one that I was wondering if I'd be better of with an Equinox or Avalon U5. Three piece pre....should I have just bought a better unit up front. It was a gradual process.

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