Rounding out pedalboard: mid gain drive, modulation, tuner suggestions


Here's my line up: LP or Tele > Algal bloom > Soulfood > Joyo 6 band EQ > DE7 > RV3 > BFPR, or YBA-1 (will have soon)

Firstly, I'm looking at mid gain drives. I'm playing in a jam, psych rock band. SF is set as clean boost / mid bump. Algal by itself disappears, but into SF cuts almost too well in a band mix. It's hard to set the two pedals to both work well individually and as a pair. I feel the need for a drive in between the two, and replacing the SF with a better clean boost.

Second, whats the consensus these days for a good mid budget tuner?

Third, I want to dip my feet into modulation. I'm gravitating toward the vibe/ leslie effect. Flange and phase both give me an 80's feeling. Looking at the EH worm pedal.


The Dude abides!
Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe (or, if your budget is tight, the Joyo Sweet Baby is a good clone of the original SHOD)
Source Audio LA Lady / Kingmaker - digital dirt that does not sound or feel digital. It can be about any flavor of OD or Fuzz you can think of.

For modulation:
Source Audio Vertigo - killer tremolo (it will do bias, harmonic, and optical)
Source Audio Mercury / Lunar / Gemini - Chorus, Flanger, Phaser (and some tremolo... it can even get some swirly, univibe like sounds too) - Like the LAL/Kingmaker any one pedal can do all of the effects, so you only need one unless you are stacking mod effects

I have yet to find a Leslie emulator that I actually like. The best I have tried is the Strymon Lex, but even it does not really get it right. I finally broke down and found a Leslie 126 Cab on CL for a good price, which I drive with my AC-15... now THAT is the schizzle! :) If only it were small enough to cart around to gigs. :(

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