Router bit.. Just making sure I got this..


This is going to be my first build ever, and I'll be sure to post when it actually starts going (it's going to be a teardrop style). The blank is still in the mail.

My template is 3/4" MDF. I don't actually have my hands on a router yet (looking for a used one), but I'm going to buy the bits. Cutting 1/4" at a time to avoid tearout means my template bit should have a 3/4" cutting length, right?

Keyser Soze

You want a 'top' bearing router bit. You can cut the full length of the bit - 1/2", 3/4" whatever, lowering the bit and making additional passes to complete the cut on the full thickness of the body.

Avoiding tearout is more about making very light passes, and moving in the proper direction relative to the grain and the direction of the bit.

Spiral upcut bits are expensive, but worth it.

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