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RP500 or ME-70, which one has the better...

Amp modeling?

Effect sounds?

Both of these are the same price, and that's exactly the range I want to stay at or under. RP1000 is too expensive for now, Tonelab LE has great amp modeling but poor FX from what I've heard. So it's down to these two for me.

Opinions appreciated!


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I dont know about the Boss i have not played it. But i have played the rp500 and it is awesome. Amp models and effects sound great


I have used both me70 and rp500

they both have plus and minuses-
the me70 has foot pedals too close together, if you hit two
at the same time, look out you are going to have a problem
in a live show context- it happened to me

I am still using the rp500 in front of my eleven rack-
I replaced an axe fx ultra and I am very happy to have
some coin back and a system that works quicker for editing on the fly.

to reinterate, I like them both pedals for different things, the digitech
wins with a wider range of quality effects for me-I do not use
the amp modeling at all.
I have used the Boss COSM modeling, and I find it lacks in dynamics to the RP500.

I use the RP500's amp models direct to the PA for rehearsals, and as a virtual pedalboard into a clean tube amp live. If my band had their own soundguy, I wouldn't hesitate to gig with the RP500 direct.

The best thing to do though, is check out the gear yourself. Decide which piece of gear best fits your needs. I picked up an Rp500 for $200 used, but if I was going to buy new, I would save up for the RP1000 so I could use the 4cable method, and other features.



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I was looking into the Boss ME-25 but now I'm thinking about the ME-70.
I need a SIMPLE multi-effects unit with a good tuner. I'm going to run it in front of a JCM800 combo.
I don't want to carry around a pedalboard and these all in one units look nice.
I've been doing some research on the Boss units but I'm not familiar the the Digitech units.
Boss advertises theirs as being as simple to use as normal effects pedals. That's what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?


The ME-70 was designed to be very easy to use. There are no menus at all. ie: If you want to assign the volume pedal to be a whammy type pedal, just select it on the knob right by it. It's meant to operate in a manual mode rather than preset. The ME-25 is preset only and editing is possible but slower since there are only four knobs for everything.


Maybe it isn't a fair comparison, but I had an ME-50 and now have an RP1000. To me, the ME-50 sounded just horrible, whereas the RP1000 sounds really good. If you're just looking for effects, the M9 and M13 are supposed to be good, too, but I would recommend the latest generation of Digitech RP's over the Boss COSM stuff.


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IMHO, Digitech RP/GSP models are dramatically better than the BOSS COSM models.
No contest really.


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I have used the ME70 a lot since it came out. I've gigged with it using the Fender clean model + TS stomp for lead, into FBT powered monitors. I've gotten lots of tone compliments. I sent a clip to a well known excellent player and tone freak on this board without telling him at first how I made it. He thought it sounded great and asked me if it was a Two Rock!! :eeks

IMHO, Digitech RP/GSP models are dramatically better than the BOSS COSM models.
No contest really.

+1 - Go Digi... I abandoned the Boss GT10 in favor of a Digitech RP1000. While the GT10 is overwhelming with its flexibility and sheer quanitity of options, the RP1000 simply sounds and "feels" better. You can get good sounds with the Boss units - you just have to REALLY spend time dialing them in.


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Clarification: I have always been a BOSS fan and they make extremely high quality equipment. I've owned one of just about everything they ever made over the years.
(I still have the old GX700 rackmount which is one of the most criminally underrated units ever made and one of the first with 4CM hookup capability.)

I personally think their effects and sound quality is exceptional. I have always struggled trying to get rid of that metallic sheen that seems to be present in their higher gain overdrive sounds and find the Digi models overall much warmer and sweeter, especially the in-between clean/dirty tones.

That said, I've dialed in some pretty darn good tones with BOSS gear over the years.


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For modeling the rp500 is the winner.

I do find the boss clean fender model is pretty damn good but the boss dirty amps are... not.

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