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RS Guitarworks electronics kits....


Senior Member
If you don't want to test a bunch of CTS pots with your Multi Meter, and spend a while soldering up a harness, than Yes = Worth the $$$


I'm trying to decide between the vintage and the modern kit for my Strat. Apart from the vintage sounding more "woody" is there any other difference in tone and feel between the vintage and modern kits?
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If you have the scratch and don't feel like doing the sifting and sorting to find all of the parts with the right tolerances, they certainly don't suck. :)


I put one in my SG and it made a bigger difference than I expected it to. So imo, yes definitely worth the difference.


Senior Member

The super-pots are good quality and worth it for the price, assuming you DO want pots that measure over 500k (or 270k for a strat). PIO caps are overpriced and the least stable type of cap you can use in a guitar. It's not worth replacing your tone caps for a similar value if nothing is wrong with them. Same with the switch.

The question is, what are you trying to accomplish? What don't you like about your current electronics/wiring?


Silver Supporting Member
Yep, I also say they are a good choice. Emerson makes a great little kit as well. Can't go wrong either way.


Gold Supporting Member
Thanks, everyone for the feedback. I purchased an SG from someone who had installed the kit in it and he made a big deal about it. The SG does sound really nice, probably as nice an any I've played- there seems to be a difference with the taper of the pots, a little more linear than audio but that just may be me. I will say they are really smooth. As for the rest of the kit they look like regular stuff.

So when I was building a new PG assy. for a Strat I bought the kit and, along with the wonderful Lollar Blondes I installed, the sound exceeded expectations. I'm sure it was a combination of factors.

I do think the price is high for a switch, jack, wire, cap and pots. $80 is not cheap but, as someone else pointed out, the convenience of not having to parts source is nice. Maybe those pots are worth it, they really seem to be a higher quality.

Can't find fault with the sound, though.

They quote REALLY high $$ for refinishing, although their work does look spectacular.

Anyone ever play one of their guitars?


Silver Supporting Member
The parts themselves combined are not exactly worth the money.
Part of the markup is the packaging and assembly labor, and to help the company host a website, and pay for advertising, and to cover the cost of warranty issues.

RS and Emerson do a great job. As an entire product experience, it might be "worth it" because it is easier to say "I put and RS harness in" to describe premium parts. It is possible to get the same results with a >$40 purchase from Mouser or another online parts distributor. I buy parts from The Stratosphere and have gotten great results with every purchase. But, I don't get any fancy packaging or stickers and I have to do all the assembly myself.


I have a couple RS kits and am a satisfied customer. I had some questions about a harness for a HSS Strat, and they were very helpful - wiring it so the HB saw 500k and the single coils saw 250k.

There are cheaper ways to get there, but I feel there's some value found in their testing, quality and service.


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Silver Supporting Member
I've used RS and been pleased. Most recently, I put a new MSSC (Martin Six String) kit in my Custom Shop SG and it was night and day. The MSSC was perfectly assembled, super clean and tidy. Highly recommend them -- and doing the swap.


The pricing doesn't look out of line with their competitors. Price up the parts, add $20 labor and $20 profit, what do you have? I'd rather do that and get a superior product than spend a little less and get junk.