RSA23 owners: Still lovin' your amp?

michael c

I've been thinking of grabbing a Divided by 13 RSA23. I will be using it mostly for session work but also for some live work. How do you like your RSA now that you have had it for awhile.

I'm also thinking of picking up both a Marshall 2061x and Vox AC15 heritage instead of the RSA23. Any thoughts on this?



I LOVE my RSA-23... can't say enough good things about it. It has a more urgent sound than the FTR-37 that Fred makes. Takes OD pedals so incredibly well. Similar to you, I need it for sessions/studio/live work (I play fulltime-not a weekend warrior) It is near impossible to pull an unappealing sound.
I have a Marshall 1974x Bluesbreaker 212 combo. Very different sounding, almost a cross between the RSA-23 and the FTR-37.
The RSA has a lot of headroom on the clean channel, breakup on the Click channel is nice, vintage sounding, Marshall'ish style-think very old Marshall.
Honestly, you would be making a smart move with the RSA-23. One of those amps that, for me, is not going anywhere, anytime.

blues revenge

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Wish I hadn't sold
mine-Incredible amp! Mike- I highly recommend you get one of these instead-you will be so pleased. The tone is incredible-never heard anything quite like it. Change out some of the tubes for NOS Mullards and u will really be in for a treat! I will be buying one again at some point-..great great great amp-works with all kind of cab configurations-but I'd say the best is a closed back 2x12 or 4x12
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Im torn between a RSA23 and a Matchless Phoenix to go with my FTR37, FTR for cleans, the other for crunch, not sure!


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I owned a RSA23 and own a Phoenix. While I really liked the RSA23 for recording, I prefered the Phoenix for Live playing by a margin. However even in the studio the Phoenix can hold its own. The Phoenix has much better dynamics, sounds a little bit more organic and vintage and is a tad rawer. The click channel has less gain than the RSA23's click channel however, but you can easily compensate with a booster pedal.
This gives you also a lot more flexibility. The RSA23 does not take pedals as well as the Phoenix. Especially treble boosters are pretty much unusable with the RSA's click channel. Hope this helps.

Im torn between a RSA23 and a Matchless Phoenix to go with my FTR37, FTR for cleans, the other for crunch, not sure!

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