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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jaywalker, Mar 11, 2015.

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    May 11, 2007
    I have a small (80-100 seater) music club, we run gigs, massive jams and other muso based stuff.

    I thought up the bright idea of running an FX emporium once a month.
    Y'see, I've fitted the bar out with a stage, sound system, amps, percussion, drums, about 15 guitars, basses, keyboards etc, in short the full monty - and I would like to use the bar during the weekend (daytime) to host a kind of old school market - bring and buy - swapshop call it what you may.

    The concept is that players bring along effects pedals they wish to trade, local specialists provide workshops and demos etc.

    We have a full stage setup to allow players to try effects in the full context with a band, at gig volume.

    I've put Les Pauls, strats, teles, explorers, 335s, full bodied jazz guitars etc there and also parlour, 12 string, dreadnought, jumbo and classical electro-acoustic guitars, electro acoustic mandolins and violins - so folks don't have to trape their own along if they don't wish too.

    There are several large modular pedalboards, isolated pedal power supplies under the stage (permanent installation), tons of quality patch cables (lava), mono and stereo amp setups (Marshall, Laney, Fender etc).

    The response has been huge, however I was looking for any tips anyone may have if they have ever done something similar. mainly concerning charging for the events.

    Entry is free, only music shops and manufacturers pay a small fee (like 50 cents) to help cover electricity costs.
    Or bar is a hobby, even the jams (40-50 musos per week) are done voluntarily (we train young hopefulls on the ins and outs of the setup - its huge), and what little money we make on the bar goes towards buying new stuff.

    So, any hints or tips would be truly appreciated :beer

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