Running Stereo rig with one 2Channel and one Single Channel Amp

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    Oct 26, 2011
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    I currently run a single channel clean amp using various drive pedals and effects in series into the front end. Very simple. Nice.
    I have wanted to get a second amp to make use of my stereo effects, and fell in love with the mighty Bogner Shiva. I like both channels. Originally I was thinking of a second, differently voiced single channel amp, keeping my signal chain simple, and just coming out of my last effect pedal in stereo into each amp.
    However, since I really like the distortion channel of the Shiva (I haven't pulled the trigger on buying it yet, but will in the next month), I thought I was faced with having to split the signal before my drive pedals, running the effects loop on the Shiva into one side of my effects chain, and including my drive pedals in the chain for my clean amp.
    Then it occurred to me that I could simply use the distortion channel of the Shiva as my drive for both amps and maybe leaving one drive pedal as a boost on the front end, coming out of the effects loop into my effects pedals (Strymon Mobius, Eventide Time Factor, TC Hall of Fame), and out in stereo - one side to the effects return of the Shiva, and the other into my other clean amp.
    Much simpler, the only possible downside being that both amps would have the distortion character of the Shiva, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just wouldn't be able to blend different overdrives for the different amps, but I could still use the EQ to voice them a bit differently.
    Has anyone ever ran their rig this way, regardless of brand/model - using one 2 channel amp as a front-end of a stereo rig with a clean amp as the other side? It seems it would make going from clean to distortion and everything in between as easy as using the footswitch of the 2 channel amp... Also a lot less wiring and possibly a cleaner signal chain overall.

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