Running through amp effects loop with Musicomlab EFX IV?


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How does everyone run through an amp's effects loop using a midi switcher such as a Musicomlab 4?

I use the M4 to control amp channel switching of either my Shiva 20th or a Friedman Runt 50 with an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo. I run effects in front with a Line 6 M9 and a few dirt pedals in the loops. Great set up.

I need to run a volume boost in the Runt's loop (mxr microamp). I'd like to do this using the M4. But when I try and the M4 loop is not active, it cuts the amp out completely. It works if I run the mxr separately and not use the M4.

Curious how others accomplish this?


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Method 1:
OutA goes to amp input. Amp's fx loop send goes to InB. OutB goes to amp's fx loop return. Put fx devices that you want 'in the amp loop' in loops 7-10.

Method 2 (if for some reason method 1 is not desirable to you - like if you are using OutA/InB for something else):
Put the amp's preamp in a loop - for example, loop 8's send goes to amp's input and the amp's fx loop send goes to the return of loop 8. Keep loop 8 on all the time (unless you want to bypass the preamp). Put fx devices you want in the amp's loop in the subsequent loops of the switcher.

Note that the microamp may or may not have enough headroom to boost in the loop. On some of my amps it does not, and I use a boost with more headroom.

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