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Do any of you benefit much from these sites. I been on Reverb for awhile but not very active.

I joined Sonicbids because the IBC required contestants to register but did not renew after the IBC.

Does gigfinder do anything for you..?

I was hoping RN has overtaken Sonicbids cause I hate SB ????

Someone had great ideas to make easy money off musicians and the like


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I've never heard of anyone getting a gig via Sonicbids, other than SXSW.
I'm on reverbnation. I use it as conduit to get my music on itunes. I've had sales from all over the world: Belgium, Netherlands, the UK, France, Australia, Japan - places I never would have had ANY exposure to whatsoever if I'd just tried to sell my CD at gigs locally.

I will say selling discs at gigs locally has given me more direct profit but the idea of someone in Yokohama listening to my music is kind of an inspiring and thrilling thing for me.

Never underestimate the impact your music might have for someone, somewhere.

I don't really get direct gigs thru reverbnation. I sometimes get offers for representation or label promotion some of which I can never figure out if it's a scam or not. If my friends and friends of friends gets the same email I get the idea it's just an email blast to try and make money off artists.
I've only used RN, and never tried the others, but it has gotten me a few small gigs that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to score on my own.


My last band scored several gigs just from people that heard us on Reverbnation. Sometimes from promoters, sometimes from local acts needing a headliner, sometimes from touring acts needing an opener. Just use the free parts of the service.

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