RYRA Klon clone !


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So, I have never been an OD pedal guy, ever..
Probably because I think of crappy sounding "distortion pedals" from a long time ago.
Always gone amps for my OD tones..

I have a PWE EH 2 which I dearly love.. just killer overdriven tones.
The amp is plenty capable of a killer lead sound..
But, I like to set the OD channel to basically old Marshall, early VH level of gain and I had been using a boost pedal in front of it for a solo boost and happy with it.

The bug hit me to try "something else" and so I started looking around and the Klon idea hit me.
I live in Austin so, plenty of shops with good pedal selections.
I checked Austin Guitar House's site and came across the RYRA Klon clone and callled Brent up and got one for the weekend to try out.

I set it up with the gain at o, treble at 1 and level at 11 per the recommended starting point and hit it, hmm.. started messing with it some more and before long I was REALLY impressed. I started added some gain and playing. holy crap.. wow. just wow.

I messed around with it and tried some different use ideas and I think it's a keeper.


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Can't speak for that particular klone

But I use an Arc Effects and it's a God send. Truly the only pedal I have to have on my board.


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Ive never heard of this pedal but I first thought the thread title read RYRY (which is the nickname some people use for a musician I like) Klon clone, so I opened the thread.

After reading your post, I'll look up the pedal you mention, but I'm not certain whether you're more praising the pedal or just the fact that you like overdrive pedals when you've never really cared for them or used them much in the past? If that's the case, be careful, overdrive pedal searching can be an expensive and exhausting search now that you've opened the floodgates. :)


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Just got done playing again..
I like to get something dialed in..
Then come back it it later and see if the same settings sound as good to me..
If I can do that multpile times I know I got it..
Well, I got it.

My amp already has a killer OD channel and when I kick in the 2nd gain switch it engages another gain stage and turns it into the 3rd channel of the PWE EH3 which is called the Blow channel.
Using just a boost, even with bass, mids and treble controls got me very close to that sound when I would kick it in.
But this pedal seems to add that thickness and just a tad of compression that it rivals the blow channel and I get a fair amount of volume jump as well.
Very easy to play...

I am at home and I am up loud enough to be with a moderate drummer and bass player, around 9 oclock on the master, I would be up a bit more in a club jam with another guitar on stage.
So, the amp is already sounding and feeling good, this just nails it.
i was thinking of selling this and getting the 3 channel version, probably not now.


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no, I didn't keep it long, the buffer bugged me with the amp I was using.. tried a few more Klon clones, but there is a certain midrange character that gets on my nerves after a while with my current guitar and amp.
it's all really a crap shoot until you put it all together and see what happens... things interact with each other.. the whole chain ...


i have the ryra, i love it. the buffer being non switchable does kind of suck, but doesnt mess with my chain as i have it at the end anyway.

i rarely go above noon with the gain.

i have had a couple jhs modded soul foods before, i loved them. i have another one on the way, so i'll be doing an A/B test with the ryra/jhs and using one as a clean boost (klon style) and one as a mild o.d.
i am guessing the ryra will end up being the clean boost

a good klon does both things very well but they are quite different things, and not too easy to bend over and turn the knobs while you are playing...

the jhs having the bass contour knob and the diode 3 way switch are really nice to have

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