s2amps TGP Bedroom Amp #1 review - wreck style


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Some of you may have read about the progress on the little monsters Scott is building: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/322759 Not sure if these will be sold as s2amps or Category 5.

He really wants to get demo amps out to players to try. Being local here in the Dallas area, he let me take home #1 (wreck style) & #2 (BF style). Yes, lucky me!

I've spent some time with #1, and thought I'd share a few thoughts. I have no affiliation, other than Scott recently did the build on my D'Lite kit (and did a great job of it...his build quality is top shelf).

This little guy punches out some really juicy fat tones with lots of sustain! Really fun amp, made me smile. The controls are: V, T, M, B, pre-gain, presence, and power scale. I've twiddled a lot with the vol & pregain...nice variations can be had. Chords really blast with lower gain settings, but for singning leads more in the V & PG is good.

There is also a bias knob on back (which will eventually be set, I believe)...I'm mixed on where I prefer it--I like the more compressed(?) slightly darker sound with it fully CCW, bit it's more open and articulate the other way, so I guess the middle works best overall for me.

The amp "cleans" up well with the guitar vol, but never gets very clean...but that's a wreck, which is cool. You can get some clean-ish tones with the PS up all the way, but there is still some hair behind the notes...but this amp was created to breath fire anyway. :)

The PS seems to work really well to bring the overall volume down, interesting how it sort of catches up slowly after turning the knob. First time I've played and amp with PS, great feature.

I've only played one other wreck type, a Ceriatone...and from what I remember, this amp certainly captures the essence of a wreck.

I'm really looking forward to trying the marshall type he's working on
might be more to my preference...this little guy is a gain beast! :)

I'll post some impressions of #2 when I get some more time on it.



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I'll go ahead and bump this with a mini-review of the s2amps BF style bedroom amp...

This one really took me by surprise...the bottom end is huge! Actually I can't get over how "big" the amp sounds when I look at those cute little tubes.. Not that it's loud, just the characteristics of bandwidth, or whatever the term...sounds like a big amp, just not so blasted loud. On th other hand, this amp can get loud enough to wake up the baby (and the Mrs. for that matter).

It has a clearly recognizable BF flavor--big bottom, glassy highs, and mids there if you want them (but scooped is so nice). All the OD pedals on my board worked really well.

I was surprised at how much I like overdriving this amp...and of course, bringing the level back down with the power scaling. Can get some sweet singing OD that responds well to pedals, and cleans up nice and sparkley by rolling off.

I think I like this one overall better than the wreck...the cleans are so nice. I played it through my Germino/Mojo OS 2x12 with Scumbacks, but also a/b'd it with my SFDR (with the same cab/speaker)...I think the s2amps has a bit more twin character to my ears.

Next up, the little plexi.

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Cool ideas. I'm just glad we have a boutique builder in Dallas now.

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