Sales numbers crashing?

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No surprise. Prices have gotten ridiculous. Not just on music gear. New cars that historically sold well below sticker price are now selling for above sticker price. Used cars are even worse. Music gear has gone up in some cases more than 50%. Gas has essentially doubled. Groceries are higher. Food costs are higher - I used to pay about $8 for a half decent lunch. This was a year ago. Exact same lunch now costs me $15. Almost everything is ridiculously more expensive.

Music gear isn't an essential item for most people so when disposable/discretionary income declines, so will sales of non-essential discretionary items, especially when sellers greedily decide to jack up the prices higher than market factors would normally justify.

Verne Andru

We're entering a period of hyper-inflation that is a symptom of the age-old problem of currency debasement by governments.

Stuff isn't worth more, the currency used to purchase it is worth less.

"Quantitative Easing," which is the root of the problem, is what politicians are calling the floods of trillions of new dollars into the market since the run-up to Y2K.

Quantitative Easing = currency debasement = collapsed economies.

It's been in the mail for some time now and, now that it's here, is going to hurt a lot of folks real bad.


Can't speak for others, but with the rising costs of everything from gas to food, and a stock market decline that has reduced my net worth by about 17% in the past 6 months, my disposable income is extremely limited for the foreseeable future. Instead of buying gear, I'm going to have to start selling.


Went to return a Friedman JJ jr combo to my local GC (beautiful amp, just not a marshall type guy...... i keep trying)

And the place was a ghost town, me returning and a guy full of gear he was returning were all that were not employees. And one passing employee made a comment about a new amp/45 day rental return lol.

So asked the sales guy have they noticed a drop in sales and he admitted in the last week or week and a half its died. Only been getting returns/repairs. Mentioned all the price hikes on gear and gas prices ect....

He dident seem hopeful about the near future it seemed.
Have you never experienced a period of economic hardship?
If not, you are very fortunate.
During difficult financial times, most people have to prioritize their purchases. Take care of the necessities in life first. Things like housing, food, fuel, medicines, etc. Non essentials are either eliminated or only bought when all essentials are taken care of.
If one is a professional working musician who supports himself (and family) then gear may be considered essential if it needs repairing or replacing.
Hobbyists gear purchases, for the most part, are non essential.
Hope I cleared that up for you.


Inflation is caused by circumstances outside the countries control. The Coronavirus is causing lockdowns in China, which has led to supply chain manufacturing and shipping constraints, for items not manufactured in the West.

The Russian-Ukrainian War is causing the energy supplies demand to increase rapidly as Russian energy sources are sanctioned by the EU and NATO. Russia supplies 30% of the World's oil. China has bought up future LNG and gas contracts. China has rolling blackouts as electricity generation is effected. Rolling electricity blackouts are anticipated in the USA during the warm summer months. OPEC is not increasing production to match the losses, so the energy crisis demand exceeds supply and the prices are escalating.

The Southern hemisphere summer food production has dropped by 30% due to unseasonably cold weather from Antarctica, causing unusual snow, rain and flooding. The Northern hemisphere is experiencing unseasonably cold spring weather that caused late spring planting and the freeze of wine grapes and orchards in Europe. The USA May spring planting has been delayed by late blizzards, flooding and drought. Inputs of fertilizers, insecticides, etc, are not available from Russia and GMO crops require them to maintain high crop yields. Diesel fuel is expensive and adds to the cost of food production. Russian and Ukraine are the breadbasket of Europe and the loss of their grain production is -30% of the World's. China has bought up to 60% of the World's grain production. The current World inventory of food is at an all time low of 10%, the normal is a 30% inventory.

The Coronavirus epidemic, war, unusual cold weather and drought have contributed to rising inflation rates, for housing, manufacturing, food and energy shortages. Academia has produced many studies of past global epidemics and the Coronavirus has followed all of the medical, cultural and economic consequences. All of the abovementioned information, is available from various countries meteorology, crop, economic reports, media and published academic journals.
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