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Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by hellbender, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. hellbender

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    Feb 20, 2004
    sector R
    When I attended the Institute of Audio Research back in '72, I had a classmate named Sam Whiteside. He had been sent up to the class by Capricorn records to gain studio technology knowledge and he may have even been in my disc mastering class as well.

    Anyway, we became class buds and after hwe left school, he went on to engineer a bunch of Capricorn efforts, like Luck of the Draw and Chuck Leavall's Sea Level among other things. He had a pretty good career as far as I can tell from what research I have done. I also found out that he died of cancer a few years back.

    Not much information on the web about this guy, I wonder if anyone on this board came across him or has any more information on his life.

  2. Anisols

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    May 11, 2013
    Hi. I know this post is over a year old. This is Sam's daughter. I never knew what school he went to in New York! He went on to work for ichiban records after Capricorn. He toured quite a bit with Chuck Manginoni. He didn't get much work after 92? Sadly and worked a lot of odd and ends jobs until he got sick. He did pass from cancer in 2000, right after I graduated high school. Much much too soon. I miss him lots. Any info you have on him, I would love as well!
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    Jun 8, 2013
    Hi Anisols,

    I'm so sorry to hear that Sam passed away. I just found this out today and I registered online here to be able to answer your post. I am from L.A. and have been making records for 45 years. During the 70's I moved to Nashville and worked there as a freelance recording engineer for about 8 years before returning home. I remember how excited I was the first time I was able to convince a client to go down to Macon and work at Capricorn. When we arrived there I met Sam, who guided me on all the setup and then worked as my assistant. Imagine green little me (all of 23 years or so) being assisted by an engineer who had already cut so many of the gold records I had gone out and bought! Well, a lot of guys in that position would have had ego putting a sour look on their face, but Sam was nothing but totally enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a heck of a lot of fun to work with. He taught me some good tricks along the way, one of my favorites being just how effective ultra-short reverb can be. From the first time forward, I worked with Sam as often as possible. Those times only amounted to maybe half a dozen projects with him, but I always pushed clients to go to Capricorn when it made sense, and I always had successful results and a good time working with Sam.

    I wish I would have spoken to Sam before he passed, but it's so easy to fall out of touch with people when you're not working with them and live thousands of miles away. I hope he's hanging out with the same super band I dream my dad is with, and all the other greats that made our speakers and feet jump. No wonder you're proud of him and miss him. God bless the Whitesides!
  4. woof*

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    Dec 4, 2004
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    How cool is this? :)

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