Sold Samamp VSC 1x10 Combo


Samamp VSC 1x10 combo. Adjustable power from 0 to 12 watts.
Dimensions 18"x17"x8" Only weighs 19 lbs.
Sells for $1000 new. Get this one in brand new condition for $650 plus shipping.

The V.S.C. combo has the same 12AX7 preamp as the samamp V.A.C. 23 and 23-verb models. The versatile EQ controls are: Treble with pull for a upper mid boost, Bass and the subtle Tone control that alters amp character from darker/thicker to brighter/thinner for matching it with humbucker or single coil guitars. It also has an adjustable boost via the footswitch that adds midrange and gain. The V.S.C. (variable symmetrical clipper) tube amplifier features a 12AT7 driver and 12AU7 power tube. The V.S.C. control regulates the power from zero to twelve watts. Send and return jacks for the effects loop. Jensen 10" Tornado speaker.




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