FS Samson RSX-m12a Powered Coaxial Monitor

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    Here is a killer monitor for use with any modeler, that does not get a lot of talk around here, but Ive used two with my Kemper for a few years now, and for the money they are killer. ive owned most of the high dollar alternatives, and these were my choice t play. They have a 12 inch with a concentric horn in the speaker. Its as coherent as it gets, and can cover any gig ive thrown at it. For its size its a no brainer. Its in good condition with no issues. It does have some wear, and a few scratches, but its not been abused. Don't let the name Samson fool you, or the simplicity of the controls, this is a killer monitor that just sounds great! I'm gone on vacation from 3/18 to 3/26, so if you want it shipped by sat the 17th jump on it now. Otherwise its after the 25th.
    Here are some of the features:
    • Lightweight Class D 2-way active stage monitor
    • 800 watts of output power
    • All-wood cabinet construction
    • Compact, coaxial design
    • 12" low frequency driver
    • 1" tweeter
    • XLR-1/4" combo input
    • XLR Link output
    • Dedicated Volume knob
    • FOH/Monitor selector switch to optimize sound
    • 1 3/8" pole mount receptacle
    • Integrated side carry handles
    • Perforated steel grill protects all monitor components
    • Durable black, textured paint finish
    • It comes in at around 32 lbs, and its the perfect grab and go monitor.
    • $300.00 Shipped gets it.
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