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Today while I was at work I searched "Live Santana" and an album titled Black Magic Woman Live in 78 popped up and I had never seen it before. Apparently its a bootleg from NYC called Live at the Bottom Line which was originally an FM radio broadcast! Its fantastic. A great set played by the moon flower band.

In high school 20 years ago I bought a 3 cd set that was also an unofficial release called something along the lines of "guitar paradise" its the santana band from the late 60s playing a bunch of songs I dont see anywhere on official releases and some that are. If you search "santana jam" in the search bar a release pops up that says Santana and the cover has red tie dye and its that same bootleg I purchased all those years ago. Some really cool jams, it all sounds like one take performances.

As a Santana fan these are great and Im happy to hear them.

Can anyone else shed any light on these albums and why we havent had any more live releases from Carlos? I would have figured Live at Tanglewood would get an album release.

More live Santana band please!


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I'd like to pickup on more of the well-recorded Santana live stuff from over the years. Didn't see the one mentioned by the OP, but I see other live albums on Spotify that I've never heard of before.

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