Sold Savage Blitz 50 1x12 combo $1400


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I don't really want to sell this amp, but I need to buy new recording software for a new machine. This beauty is up for sale $1400 paypal'd and shipped to the continental US.

Savage Blitz 50 watt 1x12 combo with Celestion Vintage 30. Amp sounds great. Very versatile. By this I mean:
Solid State or 5AR4 tube rectifier choice
Two channels, blendable, one fat and one a little leaner
Pentode Class A/B or Triode Class A choice
Reverb (powered by a 12AT7 - the way God intended)

Very nice amp. Pearl Jam uses this amp. When I first got the amp and fired it up, I could easily recognize Mike McCready's tone right in front of me.

$1400 paypal'd and shipped

This is the amp for sale in this video:

An appreciation thread - amp has a solid following of loyal fans...
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One of my favorite amps! Built like a tank and is an incredible pedal platform. HIGHLY recommended. Savage stuff is incredible.

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