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Saving Garageband loops

Guinness Lad

Senior Member
Here's the situation, creating tunes using Garageband and their loops for various parts. The main chords and melody are me, the loops just give a sense of what I would like later.

The problem is if I make a MP3 of the song because I'm happy with it, after a update, or in this case hard drive crashing, the new version of garageband doesn't have the same loops. So now I have a tune with many missing tracks. I know the space the various loops consumed, but it's just "bleeps or noise". Usualy I just go through and pick another loop.

What can I do to save the individual loops? I would the reference file I would think, not sure what it's called. Thanks


Gold Supporting Member
Under the GarageBand menu > Sound Library, try "Download All Available Sounds" (if you haven't already).

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