Saw Biffy Clyro last night. What a show.


Love this band,

They didn't come into Vancouver last year during their North American Tour, which was disappointing as they have strong connections to Vancouver (producer is from here and they record here often). So they are on a West Coast tour right now and if you can catch it, I recommend it! What a kick-ass show.

Simon Neil is a great guitarist and they have such an awesome live performance.


Can't wait to see 'em on wednesday! Puzzle is a banger!

(that intro totally grew on me, it's so cheeky....)

That intro is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience! I think they're THE best rock band around right now!

I have no idea why they aren't f***ing massive in the states.

I made a thread about the band you can check out. One of the users here in TGP egnineered and mixed their latest album, he posted some photos of the amps they used and some tips from the recording, that's pretty badass!

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