Saw Derek Trucks in Austin


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Saw Derek Trucks last night in Austin

Enjoyed him much more than I thought I would.

Gotta say, I'm not really much on the slide thing,
but he is quite talented.

I actually enjoyed when he played without the slide better.
And noticed one thing, he vibratos the daylights out of
everything, even without the slide

Every note, and every chord, he is shakin that thing
Even without the slide, he still sounds like he's playin
with a slide

cool stuff

And this cat is laid back.
He just has the same expression all night
Hands are blazin away....but by his face
you could have thought he's takin a nap

great player


IMHO, DT goes beyond the 'slide thing' and just puts out incredible music. I was watching an ABB concert and Warren was just TEARING it up. Really great inspired stuff but the rest of the band was just doing their thing. DT tears into it and after a couple minutes the rest of the band, who have heard untold numbers of guitar solos, are all watching him.


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OK bbrusnkill.....VERY talented :)

He was up and down that neck like he owned it.

He played at La Zona Rosa, thru 2 Fender Supers
Mostly his SG , but he had a few other smaller odd
lookin guitars....think Danelectros....let me dig it out

Fantastic tone out of all of them


I saw them in Des Moines Iowa last Friday (Feb. 27th) and they killed. Derek was using 2 BF Super Reverbs and what looked like a silverface Fender Champ. He did a few songs in the middle of the show sitting down playing Danelectros through the Champ. Delta style blues. He also opened the show using an old Supro guitar switching to the SG mid song. You can see the Supro in the article in the current issue of Rolling Stone.


Saw him in Pompano FL when he was here. Waaaay laid back. Love his sound, but he needs a bit more stage presence to attract an audience beyond the tone hounds and guitar players to his solo shows. You almost felt like you were instruding on a rehearsal, but nobody kicked you out. Butch Trucks joined on drums for a couple of songs as well when he was here.

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Man, I'm bummed I had to miss that show, but I've been on a roll lately. Gov Mule, Ryan Adams and a few others shows. Can't see them all. I'll catch him next time. He is awesome in the true sense of the word.



He just kills me when he does Sahib Teri Bandi and Greensleeves...the intensity is just mind-blowing and I "get" the way writers cite Coltrane when talking about him. The way the solo busts in on the first track also is killer. When I was going to audio school in Orlando, FL in the early 90s I saw Derek play at a local club...he was probably 12-13 at the time...blew me away back then, too. I remember him doing a kicking version of "Little Wing."


Saw the DTB open for Santana last spring. Got into the venue at the advertised start time and they were already playing, Derek's digging in, and the hair on my arms and back of my neck stood up.

They don't make too many like him.


I saw DTB open for Santana also, Carlos brought Derek up and he jammed with Santana's band for about 20 min, there were quite a few of those moments for me.

On another note, if you guys want to check out live DTB shows check out there are a ton of shows you can listen to for free on there and you can usually find some with good sound quality.

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