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Saw King's X last night. I might have to get an Axe-fx. Video included


Went to see King's X open for Kansas last night. Unfortunately, it was a short set, but still, any live King's X is good. I have seen them at least 15 times. Ty always has different amps. Looks like last night he was strictly using an Axe FX and a power amp. Sounded as good, if not better than any other set up I have seen him use. Watched just a couple of Kansas tunes and that guitar player appeared to be using an Axe- fx too.



Silver Supporting Member
Strange coincidence......I went to see Kingsxman pound out the licks last night at a local pub........... did a stellar job!

Not nearly the light set up though ..... and he forgot his wig! :beer

Luke Gibson

Gold Supporting Member
How is Jerry doing? I know he had a pretty serious heart attack last year, glad to see them back!!

B Money

damn that sounded great! With that strat Ty is getting very close to his old "gretchen" tone. Man I sure hope the tour gets close to me, I'd love to see King's X at least one more time before they call it a day.
I made the switch from my homebuilt Marshall amps and vintage 4x12s to the axefx2 and love it.

Just played Narrows Saloon on Friday with great reactions!

The Whale

Silver Supporting Member
Catch a glimpse of the power amp? I'm curious whether hes using a tube or solid state amp on stage.

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