Saw Mike Watt and the Missingmen last night


530 the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN. The Japanese band Lite opened up for them. For $13, I feel like I ripped someone off. What a great show.

Mike is touring in support of his Hieronymus Bosch-inspired "Hyphenated-man" album. So, they did that front to back, and then did about 4 encore numbers of older stuff, Minutemen and fIREHOSE stuff.

Lite was incredibly tight. I'd call them prog-punk. Lots of wonderfully complex dual guitar work. And the bass player ripped it up.

And since this is The Gear page, Tom Watson, the guitarist for the Missingmen, was playing what looked like a Japanese Jazzmaster (Candy Apple Red with matching headstock). I couldn't tell if it was modded, but it looked pretty stock. He sounded awesome through a Silverface Bandmaster Reverb and what looked to be a 4x10 or very compact 4x12. I got a look at his pedal board, the only thing I recognized was a Boss Compressor/Sustainer. Other than that, there was a delay of some sort, a Fuzz, an OD and a wah or volume pedal (I don't remember hearing a wah). Of note, his pedal board was a piece of carpet on a board and it appeared that the pedals were taped on with electricians tape. Mike was using his short scale EB-3 with the Bartolinis through what looked like an Eden pre-amp and a GK 1001RB. The guys in Lite had a nice Ibanez RG7xx series?? and a Japanese Jazzmaster and one blackface Bandmaster on stage that I could see. The other guy may have been going direct through a processor, as he was also running the keys/computer. Their bassist was using Mike's rig, I believe. I did not get a look at their pedal board.

Anyways, if you get a chance to check out Mike Watt on this tour, do it. Looks like he's heading east and then back through the midwest again before wrapping it up next month.


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They tore it up here in SLC, as well. I've seen Watt almost 30 times over the years and this band is as good as any.

LITE is phenomenal, as well.


Saw them open for Dinosaur Jr. about a year ago. There was no comparison performance-wise. Watt's a ****ing human dynamo, and Mascis . . . well, he never looks like he wants to be there.

The Missingmen are an excellent band for him.


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I caught the fIREHOSE reunion in Portland. That was a show I waited years for and it was worth it!

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