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Say you were in a 90's cover band, what would be on your board?


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Well... Regardless of Joe's little quip, I AM in a mostly 90s cover band.

Here's my board today:

Here was my board two months ago (with a DD7 in the open spot in the upper left):

Either works or worked just fine, but I decided to try to simplify and go with less (as in less is more). I don't really miss the chorus that much, but I do miss having two delays.

This board was from 2012 and it really was one of the best boards I put together for 90s music:


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I think a board suited for classic rock works pretty well for a lot of 90s rock. Probably need an extra level of gain, but not too much other than that.


Exactly the same effects that're on my board now. CC, FRV-1.

I was in an 80's and 90's cover band for 2+ years, did most of the keyboard parts (I was only instrument besides drums/bass). I could have done it all with guitar straight to amp, but the delay really helps with songs like "Pride" or ambient keyboard swells.

You don't need much. I found that having less meant my audience got more.

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