School me: Bluesmaster


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This isn't a troll thread-- I'm curious about these.

I've never played a Bluesmaster, never seen one gigged. I see pics of them for sale on the Emporium pretty regularly, though. They look to me pretty much like the lovechild offspring of an LP and a Tele. They're expensive and they look well made and and very well finished.

What are these guitars all about? I won't ask "Are they worth it?" because that's nonsense, since they obviously are worth it to the people who buy them. But I'd like to know why people who play them choose to do so.

Not quite sure what I'm looking for-- stuff like why the LP/Tele configuration, and what that does to the sound and feel of the guitar as opposed to a good LP or Tele. What advantages/disadvantages are there to the design?


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