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Schreyer Audio EDS45 amp - clips


Here are some clips playing thru the Schreyer Audio EDS-45. Excellent JTM45 style amplifier. Notice the similarity of the track "EDS-bridge" tone to that of Joe Walsh on the James Gang's "Funk 49"


The clips are played thru a Les Paul with Burstbucker #1 and #2 in the neck and bridge, respectively. The tracks labeled "both" are with both pickups activated. All clips are guitar straight to amp.

I also have 3 clips of the Kraken (Schreyer audio 45 watt 5F6A combo amp) that are with the same guitar. It should be noted that the EDS45 was played out of the speaker cabinet that holds the Kraken. The speakers are two Weber Alnico Vintage 12in. So its the same speakers used for all clips.

For more pics/info on the amps: www.schreyeraudio.com

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