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Scored a Yamaha DG80 112 for $200!


I stumbled onto a lightly used Yamaha DG80 112 combo amp yesterday at a pawnshop, I never got the chance to play her really loud but it sure sounded promising. I put a deposit on it.

They had it for sale there for $400.00 for the longest time and it just wasn't moving, so all of a sudden they slashed it down to $200.00!

I just couldn't let it go for that price, heck I've spent more then $200 on a stompbox!

It doesn't have a footswitch and it would be nice to be able to toggle through a few stored presets, I know that there's the Yamaha midi foot controller that they recommend but that's around $400.00, I'm thinking of going with a Tech21 Midi Mouse or Midi Moose instead.

I know that this isn't one of the latest and greatest digital amps out there but they seem to have a good rep, don't they? Do any of you guys like this amp?

I had a Line 6 AX2 digital 2x12 combo amp(was a dog IMHO) back in'99 or 2000 and I got rid of it within a couple of years, and I lost a lot of money on that experience. I think that this DG80 would mop up the floor with my old AX2. I swore off digital amps after that one but ten years later, here I am.

This time around is different though, I'm getting the amp for a song and I'm pretty sure that it's a way better product too.
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Congratulations on a great bargain!

I have the DG100 combo and it never fails to impress me with it's warmth of tone and versatility. The onboard effects are great as well. Seriously under-rated amp that is becoming increasingly rare.

Have fun!



I should mention that this will be mostly my bedroom amp, I already have two tube amps, a Fender Twin Reverb 212 and a Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master 50 watt head(think Fender Bassman/Marshall JTM45) with 1x12 closed back cab.

These two tube amps sound great but they are too loud for bedroom noodling.

I also like the idea of not burning the life out of my tubes on those two amps for the many times that I just want to play for 30-60 minutes at a time. Short noodling sessions are what I usually do, so this little DG80 will probably come in quite handy.

I'm sure that the DG80 would also make a handy back-up amp in case my tube amp craps out during a gig. I'm not gigging these days but I might get back into it and a back-up amp that's nice and portable is good insurance in my book.

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