Scott Peterson's "Rainshine" CD....WOW!


When reading one of Scott's recent posts, I noticed he had a link to his website. Out of curiosity, I went there. When looking around, I saw where he had a CD for sale. After listening to one of the little soundbytes, I immediately ordered it.
I got it in yesterday...and WOW! rock dude!:dude
I too, have owned, for many years, Tim Pierce's 1994 solo CD, and while you are obviously influenced by him(which is a good thing!) you have your own thing going which is really unique.
Killer guitar tones abound!:dude don't want to miss this one. It's a real treat!:cool:

Scott Peterson

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Sweet! Thanks man!

Most of the ripping solo stuff is Ariel Pozzo; I do play some of them, but the really drop your jaw stuff is Ariel. Jato (TNJ) another member here did some tasty stuff on there too. Credit where credit is due!

I gotta get off my rear and do another CD.

Thanks for the kudos man, I buried myself for nearly a year working on that CD.


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Rainshine is one of my favorite instrumental albums ever. It has actual songs rather than a bunch of wheedly wheedly over a backing track.

TNJ's cameo on acoustic guitar is a very tasty change of pace. :AOK

John LeQuire

Couldn't agree with you guys more. I snagged a copy from Scott at the last PRS Forum Event (2003?), and love it. Still gets played regularly...

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