Sold Scumback PVC, Celestion V-type, and AmpRx Brownie voltage dropper


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For sale are two cool speakers and one ultra-cool gadget. I'm the original owner of all three. All three are in mint condition. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping in ConUS.

First is a Scumback H55-PVC 65 watt, 8 ohm model. Great sounding speaker, but I'm going to go in a different direction with my amp. Lightly broken in with some regular play with my band and a little music. These are going for $150ish new right now, including shipping. $85. Clickable pics:

Second is a Celestion V-type 8 ohm model. Not really played enough for any appreciable break-in to happen. These go for $99 new. $SOLD. Clickable pics:

Lastly is an AmpRx Brownie voltage dropper. This does exactly what the AmpRx website says it does. Very effective if you're in an excessive wall voltage situation at home, gigs, rehearsals, etc. - especially with a sensitive vintage amp. These go for $169 new. $SOLD.

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