Sold Scumback S75-PVC (Scumnico) speaker, 8-ohm, "25 W"


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Speaker was made in mid-2015 and sat in its box until just the last month or so. I'm in the midst of reducing my amps & cabs so unfortunately I'm letting go of this gem.

Please be aware that this is a true paper-voice-coil speaker and Jim @ Scumback says to use 4 of these with a 50 W amp, and 8 with a 100 W amp. (I had it paired with my 12-watt Dr. Z; a pretty safe pairing even as Jim admitted to me.) I estimate this one's true "safe" rating is probably around 15 W; so, in a 2x12 this'll get you up to 30 W, etc...

Price is $SOLD (PayPal only), which includes UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

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