Scumback Speaker Tone Fest clips (Scumbacks, Celestions, Alien, Eminence)

Scumback Speakers

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OK, TGP members...get your best speakers dialed in, and give these clips a listen!

Here are 31 clips to listen to of two guitars, two amps, and pile of speakers including Celestion Pre Rolas with original cones, Celestion Heritage H 55hz & M 75hz models, Eminence Private Jack, Alien 20 watt & 25 watt #4, and Scumback H55, H75, H75-LHDC and M75's.

I'll reveal which speaker/amp/guitar is which on June 22nd. That gives you 10 days to tell what you like, don't like, why, and please pick your top 3 speakers by clip #, if you don't mind. Thanks!

EDIT: July 9, 2008 I have put the clips/descriptions at the bottom of this post for easier listening!

Thanks very much!

Jim, Andy, Dan, Stewart, Sam & Greg (everyone involved in the session).

Gear pics:




Recording crew (L-R): Andy Z, Stewart, Sam, Dan Boul (65 Amps co-owner)...Greg V wasn't there for the photo opp, and no one wants to see me!
Have a good listen and post your three favorites and why...

Originally Posted by tfunster
Are these clips still around by any chance?
Yep, but they're now hidden due to a server upgrade.

The clips directory/file URL is:

To hear the clips you'll need to copy and paste in the clip name after the URL link above at the end of /stf/ so it will look like this (for clip 23 for example):

This cryptic system means the speaker type first, then the amp, then the guitar.

Amps: 65 Amps London using the EF86 preamp channel, dual el84 amp
1969 Marshall Plexi 50 watt (with tremolo), dual el34 amp

Guitars: Strat with WCR SR Pickups, Warmouth maple neck, Earvana nut
Keebler Les Paul with WCR Dark Burst Pickups ((8.2k neck, 8.7k bridge)
85 LP Standard with Voodoo pickups (8.2k neck, 9.5k bridge)
SA12H75-LHDC (G12H 003 cone clone with large dust cap to suffuse the highs)
Clips 01, 02, 03, 04 (open back combo for clips 1-4 only)
SA12H-75 (G12H 003 cone clone) clips 12, 13, 28
SA12H-55 (G12H 014 cone clone) Clips 05, 20, 21
SA12M-75 (G12M 003 cone clone) Clips 07, 18, 23

G12M 20 watt Pre Rola with original Pulsonic 102 003 cone clips 08, 17, 24
G12M 20 watt Heritage Reissue clips 10, 15, 26
G12H30 Pre Rola 75hz with original Pulsonic 102 003 cone clips 11, 14, 27
G12H30 Pre Rola 55hz with original Pulsonic 102 014 cone clips 06, 19, 22
G12H30 Heritage 55hz (8 ohm version recorded) Reissue clip 30

20 watter (003 cone clone) clip 29
25 watter #4 (003 cone variation) clip 31

Private Jack (Greenback clone)clips 09, 16, 25 = 01-SA12H75-LHDC-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 02-SA12H75-LHDC-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 03-SA12H75-LHDC-Marshall-Strat.mp3 = 04-SA12H75-LHDC-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 05-SA12H55-55hz-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 06-G12H30-55hz-PreRola-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 07-SA12M75-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 08-G12M-T1221 16 ohm 20w-PreRola-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 09-Emi-PJ-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 10-G12M-20w-Heritage-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 11-G12H30-75hz-PreRola-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 12-SA12H75-75hz-65Amp-Strat.mp3 = 13-SA12H75-75hz-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 14-G12H30-75hz-PreRola-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 15-G12M-20w-Heritage-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 16-Emi-PJ-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 17-G12M-20w-PreRola-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 18-SA12M-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 19-G12H30-55hz-PreRola-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 20-SA12H55-55hz-65Amp-LP.mp3 = 21-SA12H55-55hz-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 22-G12H30-55hz-PreRola-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 23-SA12M75-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 24-G12M-20w-PreRola-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 25-Emi-PJ-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 26-G12M-20w-Heritage-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 27-G12H30-75hz-PreRola-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 28-SA12H75-75hz-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 29-Alien-20w-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 30-G12H30-Heritage-Marshall-LP.mp3 = 31-Alien-25-No4-Marshall-LP.mp3
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Matt Gordon

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I love you guys . . . . just not in a gay way. :dude Both 4 and 8 are my faves, though I haven't had my nightly cup of joe yet. Just wondering, when can someone order your G12M version?


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Originally posted by Matt Gordon
I love you guys . . . . just not in a gay way. :dude Both 4 and 8 are my faves, though I haven't had my nightly cup of joe yet. Just wondering, when can someone order your G12M version?

Of the ones I got to hear, I pick 2 and 7 for my style.

By the time I got to file 22, I got an error message,
file not found, error 404. I look forward to hearing
them all and doing more critical listening,

Thanks !!, I am in the market for some celestion / copys.


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EIDTED: Amp/Speaker stuff taken out....

I liked #5, #13, #15, #20.

Great work guys!


:dude :dude


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I could read the descriptions in Windows Media Player. At first it was kinda cool being in on the secret, but by the time I got to #5, it felt cheap and dirty. :eek:

So, I e-mailed Jim immediately, and went off to take a shower.


Justed wanted to say thanks to you Jim and the whole crew that made this happen.
Still giving the whole lot a listen. Wanted to dash this off first.

The results should be very enlightening.

Many thanks!


wow, it's all good. But now that I've forced myself to listen thru everything about four times, in order are my top picks, from best on down.

#15, #7, #10, #24, #31

But all were most tasty. Thanks to all that made this happen, esp. Messr. Scumbag...



I was able to narrow it down to four, but there were others that I liked too.

#13, #15, #19, #30.

#15 was my favorite.


There certainly some nice tones going on there.
But as requested i've narrowed it down and;

1st. #15

2nd. #20

3rd. #13

Cheers for doing this guys, I cant wait to hear which ones are which.

Tone Loco

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Originally posted by griley
There certainly some nice tones going on there.
But as requested i've narrowed it down and;

1st. #?

Isn't the point to just email the answers so nobody is influenced by anyone else till the final tally is let out? Or did I miss something?


my choices are:#5

I also liked #21 and #23 will have to keep listening and settle on 3 I like the best!!!!
Good job Guy's!!!


I can't decide between #28 and #25... they both rock:D
I'm gonna have to listen a lot.. one things for sure, #26 sounds REALLY different than everything else. I'm amazed at the differences in general though. I also think the nuances of the less bright speakers are lost on my tacky speakers... i know my fav 68-9 cab sound way less bright than most cabs , but had a sensational, tactile , woody feel, almost like it was an instrument in itself.
Great job, guys.... it really sounds good, and seems to be a pretty fair test.


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LOTS of cool tones... #21 sounds like Zeppelin in a box... Very unique sounding. Might fatigue the ear after awhile. Nasal?

Overall fave -- #10 (#7 sounded very similar, almost identical, #10 had a better bottom end.)
Next -- #13 (Great balanced rock tone.)
Next -- #5 Smooth, great mids.

I had a hard time with the driving bridge pickup tones. They were hard to distinguish from each other at times... Very mid-heavy and muffled, mostly. I liked #18 almost as much as #13...

Great job, guys. Can't wait to see what my faves really were and where speakers I already own and love stack up!


I think this is lots of fun and all but I am not at all sure it will tell us all that much. I can't be sure what it is I am listening for. The clips were in groups yet weren't all the same playing or song. The mic might work better with one speaker then it does with another. I was in the studio with a friend and we got a better recorded sound off a V30 then we did off a greenback but we both like the sound of the greenback better live. Do you want us to send you the results? If you wanted them posted here you could have made it a poll?


Amazing unselfish effort! Great playing, great gear. Can't help picturing some alone, some in pairs. Thanks Jim & All!


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Thank you guys for all your time and effort. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it.

I'm surprised at how mid-rangey so many of the clips sound; I notice this in most of the earlier numberd clips and the last few. Some good grindage in there though. I'm guessing some of these would sound very good in a mix.

Some of the clips that I like more than the others:

18, 19

24, 14, 15,

8 and 9 are cool too

Many of the earlier clips have more sag/compression than I like and the distortion sounds a little rougher/less-refined (e.g., clip 6) than I care for. The last couple clips were again a bit too midrangey for me. I like the sound of the strat itself but don't care that much for the nature of the distortion on a few of the clips.

Many useful sounds in there...most preferences just boil down to personal taste.

Great job planning and recording. Thanks guys!


You were missed Leon! Greg V says hey! Given the limited amount of time to do this, I think they give a decent representation. Obviously, we could have spent days making the end of all of these clips, but we tried to quickly dial in on the amp a decent EQ. A few of the speakers required more than nominal EQ changes. In the end I think it's a good comparison to hear this many different setups side by side. Keep in mind too that we didn't EQ the recording nor use any compression.

It's helped me decide on very quickly now what I want for my next 4x12. Something recently I've reluctantly pondered for fear of trying out speakers again soon. I'm ready to rock now!

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