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I wanna try at least one of the Scumback models to see what they're all about. Any of you out there tried any of them. If so which one has the most mids and the tightest lows out of the bunch?

Is the H series scooped in comparison to the M series. I basically like the sound of Greenbacks but want something with a quicker more solid bass response. Maybe a bit more clarity and not as much presence. I have the chinese greenbacks so thats what Im judging from.

amp boy

email Jim@Scumback.
He's straight forward honesty as far as my emails go.

.........actually he''l probably see this in a day or two.


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I've tried the Celestion Heritage 1265 and I also tried the Warehouse ET65. I liked the warehouse version more. The bass wasnt exactly how I like on either of them though.

Scumback Speakers

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Or I might just see this faster than that... :D This is what I ask everyone before recommending speakers. So email me the answers and we'll go from there, OK?

When I recommend speakers for players, it’s important to know their tone needs. Can you fill in the blanks on these questions for me, please? Then I can make an informed recommendation on speakers to improve your tone.

1. Guitar/pickups used, how hot do you set your guitar volume?
2. Amp type/tubes used/clean RMS rating (volume of 4-5) and OD power rating (over 5-7)?
Where is your amp’s volume set?
3. Fx pedals used?
4. Style of music or name a famous guitarist tone you’re trying to get close to?
5. Size and depth of cabinet (dimensions), is it straight or angled, open or closed back type?
6. What speakers are you using now and what do you think needs improvement?

If you can answer these six questions for me, I can do a much better job recommending a replacement speaker for you.

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