Sold Sebago Sound DT-50 and Ceriatone C-Lator


!!!! All items sold !!!!

For sale is my Sebago Sound DT-50 amp along with a Ceriatone C-lator tube effects loop. The DT-50 is the 50-watt, 80's Skyliner voiced version. Great sounding 'D'-style amp. The preamp tubes were replaced in April of 2017. Power tubes in October of 2016. Power tubes have around 20 gigs on them, preamp tubes around 10-12.

In addition to the amp, there is a Studio Slips cover and 2 footswitches. One footswitch has a hard-wired cable to connect to the amp, the other has a 5-pin plug that works with any midi cable. I'll include the 25' cable I used with the footswitch.

Functionally, the amp is in great shape. Cosmetically it is very good however there are some scuff marks on the bottom side of the amp as can be seen in the pictures below.

I also have a Ceriatone c-lator tube-buffered effects loop that is for sale. I would prefer to sell these together but will consider selling apart.

All prices are PP'd and shipping within ConUS.

Amp and C-lator: $$$$$
Amp only: $$$$$
C-lator only: $$$$$

Amp pics:

View media item 109211View media item 109212View media item 109213Here is the picture that shows the scuffs on the bottom of the amp.
View media item 109214View media item 109215View media item 109216
C-lator pics:

View media item 109217View media item 109218
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Seems to be pretty common practice around here. Most folks do it as a courtesy to other sellers especially if someone ends up dumping the gear for way less than what it was listed at.

Having said that, the amp and c-lator sold locally for $1950.

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