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Second channel on a Fender Tone-Master


Hello everyone,

I bought a Fender Tone-Master with the 2x12 enclosure in ca. 2005 and was really happy with it. Both, clean ("vintage") and the dirty channel sounded fabulous back then. But then, at the soundcheck of a gig, the second channel was suddenly mute, or almost (barely audible when cranked). As I didn't have any experience with doing checks on an amp, I gave it to a tech. When I got it back, it was exactly the same. So I gave it to another. This one had more experience with this stuff and gave it a full overhaul.. checking, replace all tubes, etc.
When I got it back, all was working again. Well, kind of. The second channel had changed completely in behaviour. It has a gain, treble, mid, bass and volume controls (and a "fat" boost). Before breaking, the gain control changed the amount of distortion while the volume pot changed the loudness (gain = preamp, volume = power amp, I think). When i got it back, the gain and volume pot kind of worked together. Cranking the volume when gain is set to 1 wasn't loud. It only became loud when increasing gain, too. Unfortunately, all together, the second channel could never be used at high volumes together next to the first channel without being completely distorted (and rather harsh). Even then, the first channel set to 3 is louder than the second channel with both gain and volume set to 6-7ish.

As I was using many pedals at the time, I didn't really bother looking after this issue for a while. Just now, though, after I replaced the power amp tubes (5881wxt replaced by 6l6wgcs), it started bothering me again.

Unfortunately, the tech is not available at the moment and I don't know of other techs in my area. That's when I decided to turn to a forum like this one! :) Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be with this thing? I just want to play slightly distorted at high volumes again! ;)

Ther's a schematic sheet at http://ampwares.com/schematics/tonemaster.pdf that I can't make much sense of (especially how the two, upper and lower, parts are connected).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



The channel B gain and volume controls use dual section pots. With it being a PCB amp, if they need replacing the exact part often has to be used. If it's obselete, that can be a problem, and a compromise (bodge) may have been made to get around it, which could be the reason for the performance issues you've discovered.
Assuming V1 and V2 are good, this may need a resourceful tech to get it back right.
Realistically, if the amp works fine on channel A, a nice overdrive pedal may be the best way forward.

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