seeking-renting rehearsal space...

Im thinking about finding someplace I can go (either by myself with backing tracks, with a couple other musicians, or an entire band) and play at a decent volume...cant do it at home...

What do you guys do when seeking out rehearsal space?? What resources options might there be that im not aware of??
Any tips??

obviously I need a dry place with lights and electricity...doesnt have to be a HUGE often I do this would depend on the price...

B Money

I rent some office space in a commercial building. In my small town, the downtown business area is really depressed and there is a surplus of office space available. I found a landlord that was willing to rent me a office to use as a rehearsal room, with the stipulation that we can't make any noise till after 7pm. The building is usually deserted after 5pm anyways, so we can make as much noise as we want from 7pm to 7am.
Unlike most band rooms, we have heat, air conditioning, clean bathrooms, security...even and elevator. It's awesome. The only real downside is the expense, but it's not too bad because we divide the cost among the band members, and we also sublet a side room to another band. $50/month per man ain't bad!


Yer in Mich, right?

You could try the Hive in Warren or the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit....if you're in SE MI.

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