Sell my Roger Mayer octavia for either a Chicago Iron Octavian or a Dunlop Octavio?

Ive had my Octavia since around 2004 and I havnt used it much, but I dont want to get rid of th actual guys think it would be a good idea to flip it for either, and if so, which would you choose? The prooblem i have with the octavia is that its just too thin. I makes my guitar sound like paper....if that makes any sense at all.

Luke V

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Boost it with another pedal with the fuzz/attack all the way or most of the way down.


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It needs to run into the fuzz.

Honestly, all the mental gymnastics of flipping and re-buying something ain't worth it. Octavia's sound like that.

On the other paw, the Octron is the most flexible effect of this kind.
I have a Chicago Iron Octavian. The thing absolutely screams by itself, though in a brighter rig it can be a bit shrill (mine is). I usually run mine into another fuzz (Astrotone usually) with the tone rolled back to darken it up a bit and it howls, sustains, and blooms for days. For me, I know I'll never even be tempted to search for another octave-up sound because it's that good. YMMV.


Don't do it!! I've been through a few Octavia's but I wish I hadn't sold my RM - I think it was the best sounding of the bunch. I always turn the fuzz down and use the Octavia into another dive pedal (or driven amp tone). Other than the enclosure of the RM, I think it's a fantastic Octave Fuzz.

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