Selling my whole rig (pathfinder content included)

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10-15-2014, 05:26 AM

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Selling my whole rig (cheap but good stuff) will part out
I need to step away for a while, so there's no sense hanging into stuff not being used. I'm pretty tired, so I'll add pics and more details tomorrow:

GUITAR--Squire Thinline Tele inca gold. Great shape except I had to do a repair job on the neck and it's probably not 100% right. Stays in tune and I got some assistance on here and YouTube. Basically I had to reset the bolt on neck screws and used the "glue and toothpick" method recommended. Worked well I thought. Comes with a gig bag. I only say not 100% because I'm not a guitar tech.

AMP--Vox Pathfinder 15R. Great shape, includes foot switch. Missing the name plate (I think it looks classier without it) but has the manuel.

PEDALS--Boss SD1 with upgraded and original knobs.
Boss DD7--no rubber bottom, but included. Box and Manuel also included. FS5U tap tempo switch also included.
Monsterpiece Stud--sweet Klone, won't even have chance to play it. Gold in color with black knobs.

MISC--have a Behringer DI Box, patch cables, longer cords, etc that I'll just throw in.

Will ship via USPS and would like to sell together for $600 rather than parting out yet.
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