Sold Selmer Mark VI tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones with original lacquer in excellent condition


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SOLD If you are a tenor sax player, I'm selling my 1967 Selmer Mark VI tenor in excellent condition (S/N 154xxx) - see images below. It's completely original, except for the mouthpiece cork, and comes with the original Samsonite-built carrying case and heavy vinyl cover, as well as a second neck. I am the second owner and have played this horn only a few times before giving up learning to play sax. The original owner played it in high school band in the late 1960s and it's been pretty much in a time capsule since then.

Now on Reverb:

Price is $6750 shipped, add 3% for fee-based payments. Trades? I would be interested in a True Historic, Collector's Choice, Artist Series or some other cool Les Paul (plus or minus cash difference).

ON HOLD If you are an alto player, I have all original 1961 Mark VI alto (S/N 93xxx) in like-new condition - the condition of this horn is just amazing. Just PM for more info and pix.

ON HOLD ALTO UPDATE: I just discovered a late, silver Mark VI alto (S/N 238xxx) that I bought from someone in Europe and have never played. It comes with two necks, one is silver and another is brass. Man, it's been too long!

ON HOLD If you are a sop player, I have an all original 1977 Mark VI soprano in excellent condition (S/B 265014). Please PM for additional info and pix. Note that Mark VI sopranos were made until 1981, unlike the tenors and altos.

Here are some pix of the tenor. Yes, it has the original lacquer finish! Please PM with questions, don't post them here.
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I haven't played sax in over 20 years...but those are absolutely beautiful...inspiring instrument there, really hope they find a loving home


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Wow ... you don't see too many Mark VIs in that kind of condition! If I still played sax ever I'd be all over these ... too bad you don't have a bari to complete the quartet!

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