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Semaphore VS Pleasure Trem 5000


Tell me which to get. I am leaning towards the Semaphore mostly due to good experience with CB and the size, but the Pleasure Trem looks/sounds great too. Any feedback will help, please bare in mind that I don't have the room for a goat keeper or a huge trem pedal (even though they look/sound awesome :)).


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I had the Semaphore but have no input on the 5000.
The Sema's small footprint is a big plus, and it has versatility to spare.
It'll do hard helicopter chops no problem, and having the volume control in knob form makes a big difference from trems that have a trim pot inside.
With depth & rate at zero it doubles as a slightly gritty booster.

I traded mine off simply because I wanted the ability to switch between hard & soft wave forms via footswitch, and you have to bend down to flip a toggle on the Sema to do this. I wound up with a Red Witch Pentavocal and am done trem searching. It doesn't do the hard chop quite as sharply as the Sema, but good enough for me. But it has a footswitch to go from hard to soft waveform, which is what I needed.

Hope this helps.


I've got a PT5000 and it's a decent trem. However I do not find it to be amp like at all, so if that's what you're going for I'd look elsewhere. It's a fun trem though, especially for the stranger trem effects like freakishly fast hard chop. Never played Nic's trem, but I'm sure it's good.

I'll add that the Vibutron is my all time fave out of the half dozen I have at the house.

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I've had both.
The Semaphore is more versatile. Harder chop, like mentioned above. Blips, beeps, other "non-amp" tremolo sounds.

The PT5000 is a great trem too. Nice and small, simple layout. Not harsh but a little "clinical," maybe? Not as "warm" and some, but I never noticed any volume drop or jump.

Both are great trems!


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I seem to remember the Menatone website describing the PleasureTrem5000 as more of a "synthy" type tremelo (whatever that means) so that would lead me to believe it would not be "amp-like" at all.

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