Semi-Acoustic Guitar, what is a good one now?

Looking at a semi-acoustic, the local open mic have no licence for electric guitars as specified by the local govt, in their infinite wisdom. An electro acoustic or even semi-acoustic will be acceptable as the terms of the licence say no solid body guitars. They probably just don't want the sound of a cranked electric disturbing the ambience of the area, even though an electro acoustic or semi can be amplified to the same level. They are the nazis of clean tone, supressing crunch and distortion at every opportunity. ;)

Anyway, I am going to play their game and go guitar shopping for a semi-acoustic.

What's good?

I need a hefty neck, I like my baja tele with the soft V profile for my big hands.

Capable of sounding good plugged direct into PA

Expecting to pay baja tele level money

Country / Rockabilly / Indie vibe to it

Thinking Gretsch or Ibanez.....?


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Take a look at Peerless Retromatics on reverb. There are 4 models a P1-P2-P3 and a 131 which is the one I own, and it is killer unplugged and plugged in.

Have fun with your search! TISH
Settled for this PRS Hollowbody 2, and very nice it is:

It felt better than Gretch and Ibanez, and the body is too small to generate the feedback.

Decided against any trem or bigsby, seems like too much trouble.

Plays like a dream, and sounds great, lovely bass to it and espressive pickups too.

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