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I'm recording some protools sessions soon and i was wondering how one could send their sessions to a producer on the opposite coast? Thats all, Thanks.


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ftp is def. easy. try "fetch" if you're a mac user. I've been using it for the same thing for about a yr. w/o any issues...

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I am doing the very same thing - Idaho to Tennessee.

This is worth reading.

Somewhere I have some guidelines for packing up a Protools session....

Found it.

The following came from my mix engineer/mastering guy in Memphis. I have not yet done this myself but am about to send him a complete PT session.


Here is what to do:

1- Open a new Pro Tools session > make a new folder > name the session "Song Title - Copy" > save

(make sure the new session is the same bit length and sampling frequency as the original session)

2- File > import > session data > new window opens

3- Audio Media Options > copy from source media

4- Source Tracks > click in the area that says "none" and select "new track"

(if importing all the tracks, Option Click to select all)

5- Session Data to Import > leave on "some"

6- Import > Check: Tempo/Meter map, Key signature map, Markers/Memory locations, Window Configurations

7- Don't change anything else. Click OK.

8- The tracks you have selected will now be placed into the new session and only the files you want are copied into it. Save the session and close.

9- If burning a data CD or DVD to mail, drag the new session folder containing the Pro Tools session icon, the audio files folder, the fade files folder, and the session backups folder into the burning program.

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