Seth Lovers incoming

Sean French

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I couldn't resist getting these for my '01 LP Standard a dear gave me for my B-Day.
While the stock pickups are fine and sound good , I do find 'em too hot for my taste.
I've always preferred low/mid output un-potted humbuckers.
Have played LPs with Seth Lovers and also owned Antiquities so , I know I dig 'em.
Got a good deal too. $165 shipped for a brand new set with nickel covers.
Have a bad pot that needs replacing so , I'm going to gut it. I already have a couple of wiring harnesses form some ex Historics. Have some old stock .022uf PIO caps too.
So , next weekend will be gutting and wiring my LP.


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Should be awesome! Esp in your SUPER awesome gift!

What pickups came stock in Standards in '01?


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I've had a few gibson style 2-hum guitars in my time. Seth Lovers were, by a long shot, the best pickups I ever had in any of them.


I normally really like Seths (have them in 3 guitars) and a few months ago installed a set also into my Hamer Monaco Elite. Before them I had a set of Slash Alnico 2 Pros, I think I prefered the Slashs better... more warmth, mids and girth. The Seths sound kind of harsh in this Monaco. Haven't had time to install the Slashs back thou....

But as I said, Seth Lovers are great pickups, just found out, that a great pickup doesn't ALWAYS sound as you would expect in every guitar. I think in your Les Paul, they will sound awesome. My Monaco is a bright guitar acoustically, a Les Paul is not that bright, so it should be sweet.


I have a set of Seth's in my MIK epiphone dot. I think they are great. I've played them in dots, LPs and SGs and they sound good in all of them to my ears.


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